Only 2 Sleeps until I am the big 40!!!!

Helen Reddy Famously sang “I am woman hear me Roar” Well Helen- in 2 days I am  40 then you, and EVERYONE will  be hearing me roar!!!! My thirties was about manufacturing, our 3 offspring! The whole decade was me precariously balancing the line of motherhood, wifedom, and self.

What are my forties going to bring? Perhaps a few of my favourite things, tied up in string. I would like to think that my forties will start off as I mean to go on. A party surrounded by those I love and an amazing Cover Band (Cath Simes).

So I want to squeeze all the bits out of my life. All the tid bits- good and bad. Embracing those I love with kindness, and continuing to do what I love- riding really fast down hills!

SO until the fourth-




One thought on “Only 2 Sleeps until I am the big 40!!!!

  1. Aimee your 40th was awesome. I hope it lived up to your expectations because I certainly think many places..including Casino heard YOU, your friends and family ROAR!!


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