there seems to be a dog at our house…

So the chosen canine for our family is…. Drum roll please…. A kelpie.

How did this all pan out? Let’s rewind ….. Months ago at a monthly family meeting, Hamish requested that the family dog be a Poodle. Yes, a poodle. Immediately I pictured this pretty, petite, groomed, ribbon in hair pooch, being yelled at by Hamish.

I could just see Hamish standing there frustrated beyond all belief that this supposed friend for life would not go and fetch the ball and return it to him. We persuaded Hamish that a poodle is not a rural dog and to the best of my knowledge (which is very limited) not a great fetcher of things.

So no Poodle. Shane was determined that the best dog for our family would be a Border Collie. I was as determined that the dog for us was a Labrador. Game on!!!!

I consulted the very helpful Pedigree website which allowed me to answer questions about our lifestyle- family members, property, and work commitments etcetera. From this information a list of breeds that might be suitable were listed. Both Border Collie and Labrador were featured (not helpful).

I consulted Amy Elizabeth Weekes the Second, for her opinion. Amy is a Vet. Her recommendation for our family was a Chocolate Labrador. Unknowingly to Amy this was an awesome answer. A trained professional was agreeing with my choice. Shane was unconvinced, and Amy was mortified that she might have offended Shane in some way.

Months passed and we still had no dog, Labrador or otherwise. I continued to research on the internet for other breeds. Caboodles were very popular but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to pay the sum of $1000 dollars for a puppy.

Our neighbours argued that we would be mad to get a pure bred puppy. They felt that we should look at getting a 6 month old cross bred dog. They actively sort possible additions to our family sending photos by messenger for our perusal of dogs (most of them appeared to be in retirement).

Then Kallie, who is always on a mission heard that a mutual friend was going to take her 6 month old puppy to the kennel. This she felt was a sign, and then, there he was, in our yard, this very handsome Kelpie, named Jack.

Jack is staying with us for the school holidays, like a trial. I am not sure that Jack knows this. He is not trying to make a good impression- he has been into a bit of mischief, terrorising our chickens (nothing new for them- see previous blog), out and about socialising (with the local cattle) and in cahoots with Manny (our next door neighbour’s dog).

I ask Shane “Are we going to keep Jack” he replies “I don’t know, are we?”

Not at all helpful. I know the game Shane is playing, I am holding out too. We are waiting for the other one to commit to Jack, so that when he causes some major drama we will be able to play the “hot potato blame game”, which involves silent gloating, with a touch of self-righteousness aimed at the grownup that consented to the whole get a dog project.






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