there is nothing that a zippy tie can’t fix…

They come in different lengths, widths and colours and they should be a regular stocked item in your tool kit, (or handbag).

I did not fully understand the capabilities of the zippy tie until I watched my sister-in-law boss or should I say, direct her husband around our kitchen fixing all of our drawers.

Over the past 9 years the boys have used the column of five drawers as a makeshift ladder to allow them access to the forbidden kitchen bench tops.

I had long ago retired the drawer fronts to the never to be repaired section of the house (the trailer). Simone, found them, scrubbed them, and had them repaired within minutes. Watching the two of them in action made me think that they may both have degrees in Zippy-tie-ology, as they zipped around rescuing our kitchen drawers.

While she was here, not only did she carry out carpentry repairs, she rearranged my pantry alphabetically, she swept the floor, locating 15 socks which she told me was worse than the last time when there were only 7. As you would expect that when the offending socks were herded up, both times they had congregated together in odd numbers. That is how socks travel. This is a well-documented fact.

I envy Simone and her sense of order, the way she can implement order and her ability to maintain it. I also wish that when I told my son’s to do something, they jump to it like they do when Aunty Simone asks them (or tells them).

Simone married Jeff my husband’s oldest brother they travelled 693kms with their 2 year old son Isaac for my 40th Birthday. She is a keeper. It has been 17 years that I have known Simone. I couldn’t love and respect her more than if she were my blood sister. Thanks Simone for being a part of my life, you are amazing, hard-working, down to earth and an absolute wiz with a zippy tie.





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