Out sourcing motherhood….

I am a self -confessed, self-appointed winner, of the Mother of the Year Title. It is like this – if you actually sit around waiting for the title to be bestowed upon you, it may result in disappointment. I am on a tight schedule I don’t have time to hang around. I was proactive I just decided to make myself a MOTY hat. A little recognition. Goes a long way.


Today is mother’s day, the day that I get to sleep in, if only my bladder could hold out. I think my need for an ensuite is fast approaching I snuck out of bed dodged Lego and tiptoed to the bathroom by stealth. I, of course wanted to see my children but I was hoping to stall the ceremonial presentation of the gifts, so that I could continue my not 100% awaken-ness walk back to bed and perhaps get another hours sleep.

But alas- no extra sleep today. There is a very proud Son wanting to present his independent purchases from the school mother’s day stall. So I am awake. I received a coffee mug, a back scratcher and a pen all from the youngest offspring. As well as a picture of him blowing love hearts that he made in his year 2 classroom.

The middle son presented me with a key ring with diamonds “they are not real he tells me” in case I thought that $3.00 is buying more than you think these days.

The first born, plays it cool, says good morning purposefully forgetting to wish me a happy mother’s day pretending to forget. I asked him for words and he wrote down a bunch of adjectives which as adjectives go are pretty good.

It is a good day. It is 7:15.

7:21 the stunning $3.00 key ring holder is broken- by the eldest brother conflict is brewing.

Of course it is not all about me today (except at my little house on the hill).

My one wish on this celebratory morn, is to read my book, then watch Insiders with Barry Cassidy but, instead I am running down our lane chasing our dog. In the process waking up all the mothers on the street who were having their sleep in.  So things not going to plan. It’s taken 35minutes to entrap our puppy. By the time I return to our abode Barry is already reviewing our political leaders actions for the week it’s 9:40. I have as good as missed it (typical).

The boy’s return from their hunting and gathering at the shops 10:50 morning tea is shared.

After lunch there is a trampoline incident and not the first for our house  (I am sure not the last).

Kieran has head butted Liam it’s a doosie. Which is perfect timing as Liam needs a passport photo for his application for for high school. It’s 2:35 pm.

Hillary Clinton said to Oprah years ago that it takes a village to raise a child. I was a young adult at the time, years away from being a mother and truly understanding the meaning of that statement.

A mother is someone who loves you know matter what you say, or how you say it. There is a bond that is always there. My mother is a very good listener. I think I trained her well (did she have a choice?).She is generous and kind. I don’t always tell her how much she means to me which comes with the territory (mine don’t tell me either). She has certainly played her part in the past 4 decades in shaping me into who I am today, as have my Grandmothers.

A grandmother is a very special person, there is a sweetness, a lightness and a soft touch in that relationship. That was, I am lucky to say, my experience. Grandmothers have time to indulge you, they are also able spoil you, because your mother is there preventing them from ruining you as she says no to everything that you want and plays the bad cop to their good, with their generous, awesome, amazing yes you can have everything answers,

On mother’s day I think of another special group of women in my life. My Aunties who were all there to love and support me in their unique way as they helped me stumble through my “teenage-hood” and to prepare me for adulthood. They are still here as I navigate motherhood. Your own mother can’t be everything to you. As I can’t be to my children. You have to be able to outsource some parts of mothering.

I will be counting on my family and friends to help us if required, to raise these little tykes, drag them up through the teenager years if required. As I would for their children. We are all interconnected and we all belong to each by our relationships.

We should all celebrate mothers today absolutely! But, we also I think, need to thank those that help to grow our children up mother or not.






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