last recap of my 40th – I swear!!!!

This is a summary of my people….

At my birthday party I  wonder what my Ma and Pa were feeling 40 years on? I hope they felt some relief of a job well done. I hope they were proud of how I turned out so effortlessly -like a well-greased cake tin onto the rack to cool. Now that I have children I know parenting is not effortless it is effort-plus. I hope they felt blessed, just as I do to have three kind, unique, quirky boys in their lives to call their grandchildren. My parents have faults, but they never stopped loving me. What more really does a child need?

My in-law family were present and accounted for. Shane is a Maryborough boy, we lived there for five years. I loved the borough years. We bought our first house a beautiful old Queenslander it was the house we brought our first son home to. It was also a town where we made friendships with some amazing people.

All of Shane’s brothers were together this is very rare, as rare as my boys having school socks in their drawers -it just doesn’t happen. Shane and I are partly to blame moving back to my home town- Jeff and Simone moved further north from Maryborough so they must take some of the blame also.

The biggest blame however, must go to Graham who resides in the United Kingdom. The only way he manages to get away with it is because he married Amy Elizabeth the second and she is amazing (must be the name).Michael and Emma who live in the borough made a mammoth trip, with three children and Emma being pregnant it is a long trip with little people we now. It was great to see my mother in-law being mother hen to her grown sons.

My German family and friends couldn’t make it- I think their excuse is fair enough. A close school friend from my year as an exchange student, was never going to attend my party. He has told me emphatically that he will never come to Australia due to all the deadly animals, that live ‘alongside me’ he has decided that we will catch up one day in New Zealand.

My Emergency Nurse family made it down, some of whom I had not seen in years. There is an intensity in the ED work environment to be sure, you work closely with these people for many hours over the years, so the friendship has another layer running through it. There are ALWAYS stories which are usually told while non-nurses are eating. It is nothing for us to talk about some fungating ulcer just as you have a fork to your mouth.

The best man from our wedding and his wife were there with their children (now teenagers). This couple were a solid part of my life, I wish I saw them more frequently I think I should convince them to leave the borough and come south, as they are such good fun and genuine people.

I am not a radiographer, although I am one in spirit. My Suzuki Swift number plate is CXR which in medical terminology means Chest X-ray, this is the bread and butter for radiographers. I work closely with these guys in my new position in Medical Imaging. I felt very special that my “Rad” family were there to celebrate with me.

My cycling family were there in full force- and not a bit of lycra to be seen. I almost didn’t recognise anyone without their helmets on. I ride in the pre-morning hours with these guys. Getting back into riding has been a huge morale boost for me. This group of women whether they know it or not have helped me tap back into ME. I love my bike and I love them.

My boys school family, these are the friendships that I have built incidentally over the years as I have volunteered within the school community, or from class meetings or kids birthday parties. Some of them I knew but have gotten to know them better as our kids share school together. So I am excited by this prospect, school isn’t finished yet so I still get to hang out with them.

Team sports are sometimes not even about the sport being played it’s about the people on the team. Getting back to softball has had an element of the crazy about it- playing in the middle of the day in the blazing summer sun (one game it was 41 degrees). I like the camaraderie, I know these women have my back as I have theirs. They all love to have a boogie so they are food for my soul. I love to grapevine.

In some ways, no one knows you better than your school friends, it’s this group that keep you grounded (I am relying on them to be there for me when I become a ‘famous author’). With these guys you just pick up where you left off, sometimes it is five years between drinks. There is a gentle understanding.

Life-long friends or the friends that you have known for the most amount of years. Danny is one such friend. He is an only child, as am I. A lot of my learning to share training was with him. My excellence in bossiness would be hours of me telling him what to do incessantly.

Some of my special childhood memories have been shared with him. Going to Mexican Micks for birthday dinners was a big deal and experiencing building. You got to wear the sombrero, they would bring a cake with a sparkler in it. This memory would definitely be in my highlight wheel and perhaps why I love Mexican.

The Mad Mac’s community has been an added bonus in the last few years. It’s not every day that people who you know, and like end up buying the house next door. That’s how lucky we are. We are creating some great traditions and a unique language full of wit that only we understand.



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