choosing a high school….

We have spent more time deliberating and debating which school to send our first born to, then when we bought our house.

It took ten minutes for us to decide that this house met our strict criteria it was on 2 acres (Shane’s stipulation) and it was on the north coast (my stipulation). Before you could say “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” we had purchased our little house on the hill.

As for this whole choosing a high school for your child well that has been a far more strenuous and involved process. There are so many factors, variables, stats, blah, blah, blah to consider.


There was no decision making in my day for my parents- or if there was, I wasn’t privy to it. There was no open night for the school to show its wares. There was one Catholic High School in town and if you were catholic that is where you went. No interview process, you filled in the enrolment forms, you bought the uniform, they took your money and that’s where you went.

We are spoilt for choice. There are 3 Catholic Schools my sons could go to. Plus a state option.

Why the overthinking?

Well, that for me is almost the case with every parental decision I make. I don’t want to make a poor choice. I need to look at all the options have a pros and cons list drawn up. Then I am able to make an informed decision. Usually I end up going with my first thought. The whole process is not that unlike shoe shopping. 

I almost always end up going back to the first pair I tried on. With the poor shop assistant almost invisible drowning under all the empty shoe boxes at my feet.

Once you have made the decision there is no certainty that it will be the right fit for your child. There are still no guarantees that your child will “turn out”, no matter what the school fees that you are paying.

I loved school and I loved my High School.

I want my sons to love their school too. I want them to be surrounded by friends that “get” them. To have teachers that will push and support them so that they, can be the best person  that they can be. I want their school to help Shane and I to grow these boys into Men. Men that will have a generous spirit, a creative charm and be dedicated to the bigger picture.

I don’t want much…..




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