my aunties are hookers….

If that title doesn’t get your attention- then I don’t know what will. If you know my Dad’s sisters you are already laughing the eldest will be 80 this year. It just seems ludicrous, that this is her age. But, if I have just turned 40 well then, it has to be so.


This is further evidence I think that age is just a number. I don’t feel 40 and My Aunty Marg doesn’t act 80. She still is very open minded and inclusive in her thinking. I have always admired her as an influential woman with strong connections to her community. Although she has always lived in Brisbane I have always felt connected to her over the years. Any time spent with her is treasured.

I am not sure do I need to talk about these Aunties in order of their birth?

I will break convention- I will talk about my Aunty Nerida. Now this woman is naturally creative. She has a certain flair for interior décor, she has a bit of the pizazz about her. Of my Aunties she is the most like my Grandma to look at. She is a very generous lady, she would give you the shirt off her back. Hell, she would give you a kidney, except she has already given one to her brother, My Uncle Rex.

Then there is my Aunty Joan, of my Dad’s siblings she is the only one that looks like him. They both had dark hair – (now it is grey) they both have brown eyes, the other five siblings with blue.

Now this woman is truly amazing. Not in the jump buildings in a single bound kind of way – but in her patience, in her doing for others and the years in which she has been doing this. If ever there is a joyous celebration, or a situational crisis, Aunty Joan will be there. Aunty Joan is the go to person in our extended family. Even my friends call her Aunty Joan, because they respect and love her, like I do.

I can’t talk about these three Aunties without mentioning my Aunty Helen, who died of cancer. We all remember her in our own ways. While the three of my aunties sat there talking and arguing over each other. I thought of her, and where she would have been sitting, closest to Aunty Joan. I could picture the eye rolls she would have been giving me as one of her sisters told the other one to shut up. It is hard not to miss her.

So why would I call these caring inspirational women hookers? That is a reasonable question. There is nothing that they can’t do with their crotchet hooks. When they are together the three of them hook like crazy. Yesterday they were in crocheting frenzy, making rugs for the homeless. Once that project is finished I know that they will be“hook” ready with their next cause.


It was my privilege yesterday to sit there and be immersed in their stories. Some of them belonging to me, as they were a part of our own family story. It was soul filling. To sit and to just be. I look forward to gate crashing their next hooker meeting.



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