I haven’t blogged for a bit. I was on a roll, putting a blog up once a week. Until SD kicked in. Yes it’s a pesky thing self-doubt, little subtle trickles filtering through, and without knowing it, you are drenched through in SD. It’s not until a cool wind comes along and you find yourself shivering that you realise that SD paid you a visit.

SD always shows up unannounced, it also doesn’t know when it is not wanted and sometimes won’t leave, even when you are telling it to.

So what to do? If you want to leave a night out with friends you can try fake yawning.

But Self-Doubt doesn’t care about yawning. In fact it loves it if you are tired it will have all the more power over you.

Once SD has set up camp it can become very argumentative, as well as being very difficult to ignore. So why am I blogging then today what has changed? I visited my 3 Aunties. My Dad’s three sisters.

Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a point to an activity. My self-doubt was questioning the point of writing a blog about MY random thoughts and ideas. I guess I need to focus more on the feeling during the process rather than the overall end result. Besides Shane likes it when I blog- I talk less at him.

Without knowing it my Aunties told my Self-Doubt to pack up and move on. They wanted to be reading more of my little stories. So that is what I shall do.

So Aunty Marg, Aunty Joan, and Aunty Nerida Thank you!

To my Self-Doubt- Piss off (please….)


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