Loose ends….

Absent from the blogosphere–  just a short hiatus of about 3 months. (Did anyone miss me?)

I would like to tell you all, that I have been beavering creatively away, on something substantial and amazing but that is not the tale I have to tell you today. Although…. surviving the winter is not to be underestimated.

Weekend sport is over. After 5 months, this weekend will be our first weekend free of any organised sport. I have the same feeling I did all those years ago on the 11/11/1993 when I finished my 2 unit Modern History Exam. I still remember the examiner with those sensible brown shoes and skin colour stockings (in summer) say “Pens down”. Just like that I had finished 13 years of school.

The days and weeks that followed were filled with spending time with friends, trying to hang on, to stay connected with people that we had been thrown together randomly by the year of our birth, by the town we lived in and by the school our parents had chosen for us. These were our friends and people that we had known for years some of us since kindergarten. But we all sensed the shadow of change we were just not sure what the change was going to look like.

Finishing winter sport, is nowhere near as dramatic, and life changing as the last day  of high school but it has that definite feeling of WOW…. I have actually nothing to do. That day to day set routine removed. I am not sure what we will do this weekend. Our time is our own. Now this is a novel concept.

In 1993 I had several months to thread my loose ends with trips to Byron, parties at Lennox, chauffer driven around by my 18 year old friends, while we all waited for Australia Post to deliver our HSC results, that would arrive in a Board of Studies official looking A4 envelope, by a postie that rode a push bike to deliver mail. It was this piece of paper that would be the making of us. Which is why I didn’t open it for several days. I was only enticed to do so when Ben Hendricks told me his 2 Unit Legal Studies result.

As year 12 students start to go into their final exams, I hope that they know that a results page from the Board of Studies does not define them. It is not an indicator of their ability to succeed in life, and what is success anyway? Their ATAR score oops, showing my age there, I mean their UAC score does not mean that they can’t be a pilot, a business owner, a journalist, if that is what they want. Even with a perfect UAC score, life could still side swipe them, or life could swallow them whole with love. Opportunities, people and lived experiences and the choices you make will set you off on shaping and creating your own life. Practice this…. Do what you love and love what you do.

This feeling of nothing to do on the weekend will pass and pass too quickly. I won’t have that luxury of spending time with friends at the beach for weeks like I did 23 years ago when I finished school. Why? Because next weekend summer sport starts.





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