do what you love- love what you do…

I cried today.

I wasn’t sad, it was in response to a gift.

God had given this group the most beautiful voices, I sat there on the wooden pew in stillness waiting for my friend to join the catholic faith. They sang in their tight circle around the microphone as the morning sun fell on them through the stained glass windows.

Their song was smooth and effortless, it filled the church.

I was not even aware that I was crying, I was truly in the moment captivated by the agility and lightness of their sound.

It was in this instant, that I felt the presence of something, an energy a simple beauty. Bliss, flow, given that I was sitting in a catholic church it might even have been God.

Whomever or whatever it was, I am thankful.

So if you have a talent, a thing that you do well- get out and start doing it.

Do what you love. Love what you do.


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