maybe we should all be praying for time…

George Michael has died (Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou). Is there going to be a last minute rush on, from other famous people in the closing days of 2016?

Some big names have retired from life this year.

I fell asleep to the music of George Michael on Boxing Day. I think it was a best of album. The music was coming from a stranger’s house several doors down from my dad’s unit.

I wonder what the residents of this Kingscliff street were thinking?

For me I was pleased to be listening to a collection of songs that could one day be used in the soundtrack of the movie of my life. I remember a double cassette of George Michael that caused me all sorts of issues, it was always so hard deciding which cassette to put into my Walkman.

I thought about my cousin who now lives in Dubai. She was a massive fan of George in his Wham days. The news of his death I am sure will send her back involuntarily to a time of her life, just as it did for me and for all those that knew his music.

The first ever cassette I owned was “hits of 84” it was a gift from Santa. Wake me up before you go go was the first song on side one. I have the clearest memory sitting in the driveway of my Nan and Pa’s house trying to teach my 2 year old cousin to say jitterbug on cue.

He eventually complied, I think even at 2 he knew to just do whatever it took for an easy life. He was the perfect back-up singer. After his adorable attempts at saying “doodle-bug” I would belt out “you put the boom-boom into my heart…”

The first example of my lack of lyric know-how can be found with this song. Who knew that it is jitterbug not doodle-bug at the beginning of this ionic song of the ‘80s?

I have a list of incorrect song lyrics in my repertoire that I know of. Suffering with this No-idea-what-the-words are disorder as I do. There are some BIG revelation moments, these twinkling’s can be years in the waiting. A person with this disorder unless actively seeking out song lyrics will not often discover their faux pas alone.

As Prince was another great artist that checked out of living this year I will share a revelatory that’s the real lyric moment with you. Before I do I think I need to do some explaining, to somehow defend myself against the lyric purists among you. I hear a lyric, I think that is strange, it doesn’t make a lot of sense but- who am I to critique the word choices of famous award winning artists? Some artists are bizarre individuals so the lyrics being odd goes with the territory.

Raspberry beret. I love that song.

She wore a raspberry beret the kind that you find in a second hand store.

Now before I tell you what I thought the lyrics were, with the deepest respect to Prince, this is a man who legally changed his name to a symbol and was known for a time, as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Perhaps you can see why I didn’t question the sense of this chorus.

So I thought the words were

She wore a raspberry brulee…

Gee that is interesting, I have never seen a raspberry brulee on a dessert menu, let alone the kind that you find in the second hand store. How do you wear a raspberry brulee and why would you want to? But I reasoned that this is Prince, it probably is a thing.

The Steve Miller Band gets a mention here also for their song Jet Airliner.

Did you know that these are not the lyrics.

Oh, oh big ol’ Jed left the light on…

I was glad to hear that it is actually big ol’ jetliner that makes so much sense. For years I was wondering about why big old Jed left the light on, what was with all the carrying, if that was where he had to stay, just leave him there Jed. Don’t get involved.

I am sorry, I had no idea that I would end up here on the page talking about aircrafts.

George Michael has left a legacy, I have been going through his play list, wow what a collection. One of the songs that I would have listened to on repeat if that was a thing back then was praying for time. Instead I would have to press rewind on the cassette player, then almost always a little fast forward and then I could immerse myself in the lyrics. In this song there was no lyric ambiguity for me.

“Do you think we all have time?

Maybe we should all be praying for time.”


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