old year’s resolutions…

I swear if I write another new year’s resolution with… “This year I want to do more yoga” I will hit my head against a wall until I finally lie in child pose. In the first week of January every year I write a list of bullet points of what I want to accomplish, Yoga is present-and-centred without fail. As well as the other regulars; I need to lose 5, 10, 15 kilos, I will exercise more, I will eat no, less sugar.

Am I ever able to tick Yoga off my list in a calendar year?

Nup- not once. I live on the North Coast of NSW yoga is everywhere and of every variety. So why have I not saluted to the sun just once?

In 2005 I completed a Yoga block on Tuesday nights for ten weeks. My first born was only a few months old. I could feel myself getting stronger each week. I was onto a good thing, then the teacher left. I have not completed yoga with any sort of commitment since.

Perhaps if I make no mention of wanting to do the Y word once a week on my resolution list I may stand a chance of achieving.

I can feel my body want to stretch, the muscles, the tendons they are calling out to me. I have as much flexibility these days as a wooden ruler. The need for yoga is strong in this one.

Back to the list… do I even need to even bother scratching ink from a pen onto paper to outline my personal resolutions for 2017? ( the year of the Rooster).

Why don’t I just recycle last years… actually the last four years, I think were pretty much the same. Except for my vain attempts at authenticity I cut and pasted the same points in different order. I am guided by some strange personal principles – no one ever reads my resolutions, why would anyone be interested in the stuff I want to do or change for a particular calendar year, from what the internet tells me 85% of all people have the same wishes.

I think that I should just go back to the 2003 list that was the year I wanted to learn Italian.

You know that you have a privileged existence if your biggest regret in life is to not have continued studying Italian in high school. My logic then in 1989 as a thirteen year old was…

– Why would I want to study a language of a country that I will never visit? What’s the point of that? Instead of studying Italian I choose to study wood technics for two years. As it turns out that decision was a mistake but, as mistakes go it is mighty lame. I have never made another dove tail joint since 1991 but I have been in Italy, I have met Italians, I have nursed elderly Italian patients, the whole time I wish that I had opted for the another language.

It’s not all bad I still have my “antique” bedside table. Although besides letting me rest my book and store a few odds and ends in the drawers all it really does is remind me that I chose the wrong elective.

Why do we even create these lists? The Babylonians apparently promised their gods that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts at the start of the year. Well I guess that means then, that I should be standing outside the town library at the start of the year promising to find and return all said borrowed books.

In Medieval times knights would take, or renew their vow to chivalry at the end of the Christmas period. The Romans started each year by promising things to the God Janus (January is named after this god). The Christians would attend “watchnight services” on New Year’s Eve, they would reflect and review the year just completed, often praying and making confessions. The Jewish faith have a similar setup with Rosh Hashanah where they reflect on their wrong doings, and ask others for forgiveness.

All very serious and worthwhile doing. Me I just want to finally go to the Melbourne Comedy festival.

For nineteen years attending the festival has been on my New Year’s resolution list. In the last fourteen years, doing yoga once a week and going to the Melbourne comedy festival have done battle for poll position on my list. Maybe this year I will manage to conquer one or even both.


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