What is there not to love???

If I couldn’t be an Aussie then I would have to be a Kiwi. I am a proud Australian (well I use to always be, perhaps I am not as proud in the last six years).

Traveling in Europe in the early two thousands I met a few Americans that placed Canadian flags on their backpacks.

I never thought it would be something that I would need to consider. However in recent times I have thought that I might need to invest in a silver fern flag or as a  very budget last minute option I might need to colour the stars red of my own flag.

Politics can do that to a person.

What is there not to love about New Zealand?

The Maori are a proud people who show a strong connection to family. They have a strong tradition in song and dance.

Feeding a family of five- “fush and chips” for dinner under thirty dollars that is nothing less than miraclous.

I could live in a country that calls a shopping trolley a trundler.

If I am going to win a prize then I want that prize to come out of a chilly bin.

These kumera chips alone are a reason to immigrate to NZ.

New Zealand is country that recognises and creates a monument to one of my most loved activities this alone is reason for relocation.

Thank you New Zealand. What will  tomorrow bring?


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