the tomato and I just want to say Thank you….

One Christmas when I was around eight, I received a plastic tomato pencil topper. This wasn’t all that I got on the second best day of the year. I also got the corn, carrot, broccoli and the pea pencil toppers. It is true what they say about only children we are so spoilt. As my complete collection of vegetables pencil toppers proves.

These plastic weighted vegetables that sat on my pencil served no purpose if however they were vegetable erasers well – that would have been a different story.  So I didn’t use them for years it wasn’t until I was fifteen that I decided to embrace the pointlessness of the pencil topper. The only one left in my desk drawer was the tomato which brings me to the point of this blog.

Do you remember in high school when you would be writing a letter in class to a friend, the letter had to be finished by the end of the day, given to that friend just as they were getting onto the bus, once you got home from school you would pick up the phone and walk it and the 5 metre extension cord into your room, shut the door then dial up your friend (as in put your finger in a plastic circle and turn it clockwise 6 times). Well that’s what I use to do.

Not these days…. There is no letter writing, no school buses and no landline phones. But what has all this got to do with plastic tomato vegetable toppers???

I should be writing about the heat. The 43 degree heat. I lost so much sweat today. I had sweat trickling with a stubborn determination down my natal cleft a sensation that was sadly repeated throughout most of the day, but no one wants to read about sweat down my bum crack…

Back to plastic tomatoes-

I once wrote a letter to a very good friend folded in that special way letters were folded in the 90s on exercise paper and it started with

“Dear Clare,

The tomato has the urge to write….”

Over the years the expression has sort of stuck.

Well this time the tomato would like to thank all of you that have read my words whether it was on paper back in the day or more recently online on your smart phones via a Facebook post. A sincere thank you from me to you.

I have really appreciated your feedback on my little musings and observations of life according to me over the last ten months. I didn’t really know what to say to your comments, compliments make me shy.

I have always been writing since I can remember but with no real purpose to it. But here’s the thing I have just worked out- there doesn’t have to be a purpose. I write because I enjoy it, the added bonus is that some of you do too. Who knows maybe people that I am not related to by blood or by marriage or people that I have not known since high school might like my writing too.

I have created a new Facebook page titled mother of the year it’s a space that I can focus on my writing. So if you like it then ‘like’ it. Sign up even. If you feel inclined to share my blog to someone that you think could relate to one of my stories GREAT– please do! Share away.

Thanks with lots of love Amie Elizabeth Weekes the first xx


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