many hands make light work…

The members of my family have just finished some pretty high level negotiations on matters that I think will impact on their ultimate survival. These talks have been lengthy, at times heated and very long overdue.

But it would seem that finally, we have created a document that I wish was legally binding. After any breach policemen would be allowed to swarm into my house. They would identify the offender, issue them with a stern talking to. This would see said child scampering away to complete pre-agreed upon task as set out in the above mentioned contract.

I am of course talking about the other C word in my life…. CHORES. My how this topic impacts on my life and the lives of my children and husband.


The weight of incomplete jobs sits heavy on my relationship with the little men in my life. The swirl of unfinished jobs drenches and at times contaminates my marriage.

Many hands make light work. I love that saying. It makes absolute sense that the more people doing a task the quicker it will be completed. Synonyms for many are numerous, plenty, countless and masses. (I wish jelly fish!)

Most of the time however, it is just my hands that are working in our little house on the hill.  This is when my displeasure starts when I am doing yet another job, when I already have a full dance card. With each unassisted chore that I complete my feelings of irritation increase. Some jobs have a degree of monotony that cause me to experience anger in unhealthy levels.

I start to think, and my thoughts start to fester about the unfairness of it all, as I seem to be doing the chores yet again. The feeling inside is like an infected chicken pox, accumulating pus as it pushes up through the epidermis, just waiting to EXPLODE!

Unfair distribution, or completion of household chores my friends, if left untreated can lead to resentment. Resentment is toxic. Toxic to your soul and to all the occupants within the walls of the house. Once it seeps out of you it is very hard to clean up- just like trying to clean the room of an eight year old Lego enthusiast.

I would suggest if Grant Denyer the host of Family Feud completed one of his surveys asking 100 Australians “What is the hardest thing to get your children to do?”

The top answer would have to be chores.

I also think that the marriage counsellors of our country would identify allocation of family chores as one of the top five issues impacting on partners today. Now if I was a good conscientious blogger I would do that research, but I have no spare time for such academic activities as I am too often engaged in a tete-a-tete with one of my offspring  (whom should be seconded to the debate team as third speaker).

So the chore list is out. We are riding the wave of adjustment.

Already there have been complaints

“There is too many things on the list to do!

My personal favourite

“When do I get time to do what I want to do?”

Oh really….I have been trying to finish the most amazing book By Sebastian Barry, Days Without End. So you know what my three wise little men. Cry me a river and while you are doing that, can you put your plate in the dishwasher.


One thought on “many hands make light work…

  1. Haha! Love it!!! “Cry me a river” is going to be my new favourite saying when-ever I hear my three little chore avoiders say “But it’s not fair!!!”! Gold!!!


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