I am funny…

I am no longer a virgin. This may have been a touch obvious – given that I have three sons and my name is not Mary. But it is official I am funny!!! I even have the certificate to prove it.

What was my motivation to do a six-week comedy course? Initially it was to improve my writing. But to ‘write’ funny is a lot different to ‘talking’ funny.

The process of getting your material for a routine I found was not that different from writing. It’s about observing  your world and telling it from your viewpoint.

I enjoyed the course, with Mandy Nolan as the teacher you would have to have had lobotomy not to laugh. I don’t think I have ever been in a class group that was so different and diverse.

When I enrolled I didn’t realise that I would have to perform at the end. As Mandy said if you do a skydiving course at the end of it you are going to have to at some point jump out of a plane.

Well I skyrocketed out of my comfort zone and landed on the stage at Byron Services Club.

I have lost three kilos and clearly could do with losing 17 kilos more. I will have to continue with stand-up comedy until I meet my goal weight.

In the two days before my performance I accrued a record amount of frequent flyer points at my work toilet (if only I could convert them to QANTAS points) Return flights to Europe sorted.

It is one thing to tell a funny story in a small group it is quite another to do it on a stage with a blinding light messing with your retinas. Having performed one five-minute routine – I can tell you that Comedy is all about the setup and the punchline. If you don’t hit your punchline- just right… then the sound of silence… will leave you feeling flat.

After the last lesson driving back from Mullumbimby I had such a strong memory of me aged around four telling my Grandma a story about the fire engine arriving and how my Uncle Johnny flew through the air. I can still feel the holes of the crotched blanket on my knees as I sat on the end of her bed while she sipped her cup of tea listening to me.

The course confirmed for me, that I am a natural story-teller the feedback from Mandy and the class has given me that little boost of confidence that we all need when we are putting ourselves out there. I will continue to keep telling little stories from my world.

Would I do the course again? Yes.

Would I perform again? Maybe.

But in the mean time I will just keep doing impromptu stand-up for the patients in my care.

Captive audience…

I can feel a Nurse of the Year title coming my way.



4 thoughts on “I am funny…

  1. Aimee you are hilarious!
    Toilet point club aint such a bad idea…you could go to exotic environs like Dunedoo,
    Tin Can Bay or even Muddy Waters!
    Keep it ALL UP…hear from you soon MOTYWA


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