Stacks of books…

I am a stacker. Books are stacked at my house.  Stacking means I can fit more books into the book cases. There is a back row and a front row of stacked books on my shelves. Now that I have accumulated too many books in my little house on the hill, they now stack on either side of my book cases.

Did you know that 1,400 planes take off and land in Heathrow a day? The air traffic controllers stack the planes in this stacking holding pattern it allows them to land a plane every forty-five seconds. It is a fascinating phenomenon. I have seen once or twice, it is not always possible as the cloud cover can be too thick when looking out the oval window while buckled into your seat. I have also seen the planes take off the runway like the trace of a cardiac monitor steady and regular.

My house is just like Heathrow Airport. There are multiple stacks of books waiting for an empty slot for me to take them off the shelf and start that transformative process: reading. I like to think that the remaining books all jostle to make their way to the front of my reading ‘holding’ pattern.

Our house is a house full of books I still have some books from when I was a child. I still have my first book club book that cost two dollars twenty five cents. I was six. I remember taking my green two dollar note that my Grandmother gave me to school. The title of the book ‘Today Was a Terrible Day’ Never did I think on that day when the book arrived and my year one teacher handed it to me that twenty nine years later I would read that book to my son.

Some books stick with you. Others come and go. My first book club book has stuck not because of the story so much but the feeling of buying the book.  ‘Tikki Tembo-na Sa Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-pip Peri Pembo’ stuck it is the story of two Chinese brothers who fall into a well. I remember Miss O’Brien reading that book to our year two class, we would beg her to read it again, just so that she would have to struggle with the first son’s silly long name. I was so excited when I found a second hand copy of Tikki Tembo I couldn’t wait to get home and read it to my boys.

I loved being read to, May Gibbs’ Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie and the Collection of stories by Hans Christian Anderson.

I love the closeness of sharing a book.

I have read Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Wood series to my son’s and the Tree House books written by Andy Griffiths illustrated by Terry Denton.  Andy himself was inspired from reading Enid in his childhood and discovering all the different lands in the Faraway Tree. He now recreates that same joy of discovery through his multiple storey treehouse books. He engages his young readers, my sons by tapping into their imagination and curiosities.

I am so happy that my three sons want to read. While ever they continue to delve into the magical world of books I will continue to stack. While ever they continue to escape into fictional worlds: I will stack. While ever they look for answers to their world: I will stack books. While ever authors tell a story that keep my boys from coming to the table in time for dinner: I will start another stack.

I wonder what book will make its way to the front of my stack next.




3 thoughts on “Stacks of books…

    1. Thanks Karin… I am only just seeing your comment now. Today is the first time that I have blogged in months! great to have met you on the 11/11 I might see you at the staff party


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